Offensive Security Services

We offer a full range of Technical Security Testing Services and Offensive Security Experiences to uplift your team skills

  • Whether it be a continuous automated vulnerability scanning program designed to maintain visibility & confidence in your network, inside and out, or a penetration testing program delivered by skilled Offensive Security Consultants (white hat hackers), we’ll ensure you get the most out of each engagement.
  • WHITE ROOK Cyber incorporates selected Offensive Security services such as social engineering into our security awareness programs to test effectiveness of the training. We’ll customise your program to align with your overall awareness & cyber maturity objectives. Please visit our Security Awareness section for further details.
  • Each engagement, unless otherwise mentioned in the scope of services, provides:
    • a detailed report with prioritised findings,
    • recommendations for remediation activities, and
    • an executive summary for communications to your business.

Below is a list of some of our Offensive services:

Penetration TestingInternal, external, wireless, web application security testing with comprehensive investigation and discovery of security vulnerabilities.
Mobile Application TestingPenetration testing on Android or IOS apps.
Red TeamAlso called Adversary Simulation or APT Simulation, a skilled team of hackers act as an advanced threat against your environment with targeted stealthy attacks.
Cloud Security AssessmentSecurity reviews of AWS, Microsoft 365, or Microsoft Azure environments.
Social EngineeringPhishing, vishing, smishing , or USB drops to test user security awareness.

WHITE ROOK Cyber incorporates Social Engineering and other selected Offensive Security services into Security Awareness Programs. Let us customise your program to align with your overall Awareness & Cyber Maturity Objectives.
Security ReviewSecurity reviews of Active Directory, Windows 10 SOE, or Microsoft Exchange environments.

Additional services that can also extend your Penetration Testing experience, or target specific areas of your business are available.

Penetration Testing for Incident ResponseAfter the test is complete, treat it as a real hack to see whether it would have been detected and whether IR would be effective in mitigating and remediating the compromise.
Compliance TestingWe create a set of test cases for determining compliance that can be checked during the penetration testing.
Detection Alert TestingWe methodically test whether your detection technology works and successfully picks up the attacks we are performing.
Remediation ServicesWorking alongside your operations staff, our team provide advice for how best to fix vulnerabilities, how to keep them closed and write scripts where required to automate the fix or test.

Contact us today to discuss your penetration testing scope, or arrange a testing engagement.